Clinics & Adventures

Whether you want to experience a new adventure, sharpen your skills or take your knowledge to the next level, we've got you covered!
You can pick 4 out of the 9 options below:

Adventure Women Festival rappel

Rappelling Clinic

Learn how to descend a rock face using proper rappelling gear, while being supervised by an instructor.
No experience required

Rappelling Gear provided - harness, gloves and helmet (your are welcome to bring your own gear)

Mountain Biking Clinic

Learn the basics of mountain biking and ride with us in one of our powerful, smooth-riding Giant TRANCE X E+ PRO 29 full-suspension electric assisted mountain bikes.
No experience required

Rock Climbing / Belaying Clinic

An introduction to Outdoor Rock Climbing and Belaying skills and techniques. Participants will work in pairs climbing and belaying each other, while being supervised by an instructor.
No experience required

Climbing Gear provided - harness, shoes and helmet (have your own climbing gear? Bring it!)

Yoga Class

Nothing better than enjoying a yoga session outdoors at this beautiful location to set the tone for the day.

Please bring your own yoga mat


It’s always better to be prepared. Learn self-defense that you can apply anywhere with a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu instructor that teaches muay-thai, jiu-jitsu and karate.

Adventure Women Festival Knot's clinic

Rock Climbing Knots Clinic

Learn and practice some of the most used knots in rock climbing. We recommend taking this clinic if you are taking the Basics of Top Rope Anchor clinic. (preferably before the anchor clinic)
No experience required

Basics of Top Rope Anchor Clinic

Learn and practice the most used top rope anchor. We recommend taking the rock climbing knots clinic, preferably before the anchor clinic.
No experience required

Prehab for Adventure Sports

Join Lauren, Lyssa, and Julia, the Doctors of Physical Therapy from Athletic Lab PT and Performance Training, for an Adventure Sports Prehab Workout!
You can expect a challenging circuit of exercises that will help you bulletproof your body and minimize your injury risk with sports like Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Surfing, Trail Running, Skiing, and more.
You'll learn about which upper and lower body muscle groups to target when cross training for your adventure habits and have the opportunity to ask sport specific questions from highly trained rehab and strength training professionals.

Please bring your own yoga mat


A fun activity where you can test your abilities to shoot with a bow and arrow.
Come and test your aim with us.

*Minimum age required for clinics - 12 years old
Important Information: Clinics are not full courses, they are designed to be an introductory or refresher experience.
Mastering a skill can take time, and this introductory experiences can help set the tone for a lifetime of safety.